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Why Electoral Funding at Present is The Fountainhead of Corruption?

"Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next upcoming generation.", Simon sinek. As a citizen of India we proud of our Indian Democracy but few of us bother to fund a political party of our choice.. It is very hard to articulate or imagine a present developed or developing political structure or so called 'system' that can do without its political funding, digitizing and institutionalizing parties and election effectively rooted in social, political, economic and cultural cleavages with voter alignments too.
Generally, it is crucial that an 'Election Agency' cannot be part and parcel of the government and should be insulate from the governmental influences of any layers or levels. So, it automatically becomes 'Centralised Election Agency'. Such kind of agency may provides the opportunities to learn from the experiences of different sub National elections to the ruling party. i.e., In 2006 West Bengal Assembly Elections..

Following …

Just thinking about Reliance food

Trilok Singh: India Need “Reliance Jio Food Or Reliance Jio Education”, types of offer to eradicate hunger, poverty, illiteracy etc from India.” Not “Jio Unlimited Recharge offers” and reliance fresh, which can not fulfill the requirements of poor communities or marginalised section in India. God and poor people blessed him if Reliance launched above kind of offers for poor or what we can say deprived section in India. The Communication Recharge offer discourse in India has undergone huge change in the wake of “tax reform era, 2017”. In other words, “Crisis of Globalisation and the rise of populism Scenario”. The present form of government has been accused of favouring the corporates, rich, powerful, and privileged from the very beginning. More specifically, to serve the agenda of “Company Raj2 upcoming model”. In Short, “No acche din for marginalised Section”. Some of top Author/prof. argue that, Its all about right wing populism concerns. Populist space that have explore..

Dr. Ajay G…

Crisis of Globalisation and the Rise of populism

Today’s rise in nationalism is a reaction by different nations in the world against the prevalent neo-liberal world order and the inequality it promotes.The neoliberal world order the United States created and disseminated around the world after 1945 had globalisation as its hallmark. This globalisation would come to be defined through America’s increasingly prominent economic and military role in the globe. Today, however, this neoliberal system is facing unprecedented challenges, and the seemingly ubiquitous phenomenon of globalisation is under threat from the forces of nationalism not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The era of globalization was wild. It began in the late-1970s, picked up steam throughout the 1980s, then soared through the 1990s and beyond.

David M. Smick, a global macroeconomic adviser, is founder and editor of the International Economy magazine and author of “The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy.” Lately, even China and In…


“The future depends on what you do today", Mahatma Gandhi. Above statement has resounding relevance in the context of today, characterized by the emergence of a society comprising of ordinary men and women armed with courage that has had the power to change systems. While mainstream media coverage has brought national attention to the condition of farmers in India. Indeed, Indian farmers are in agrarian distress or agrarian Crisis mode but our governments remained unchanged or unaffected with regard to farmer's demand. Recently, huge number of farmers from across India collectively gathered in the National Capital at Ramlila Maidan, On November 20, 2017. Further, they are protesting against the cost versus income imbalance recently being faced by our farmers, leading to suicides and indebtedness. But again i want to say that, "such kind of Protest and Strike is not an option because it is a loss of farmer not of Government but Government should take farmer and agricultu…

Why is India’s economic growth rate now being called jobless growth? How then is India’s economy growing now?

Why is India’s economic growth rate now being called jobless growth? How then is India’s economy growing now?
x Key Trends in Job Creation in Last Few years; • During the last decade (2001-11), the growth rate of the labour force (2.23 per cent) was significantly higher than the growth rate of employment (1.4 per cent), which itself was several-fold less than the growth rate of the economy. According to Census 2011, the average growth rate of the economy was 7.7 per cent per annum, when it was only 1.8 per cent for employment. • 66th round of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) data on employment in 2011 revealed that between 2004-05 and 2009-10, only 1 million jobs were added per year; in a period when the economy averaged a record 8.43% growth annually. Trilok Singh, On the one hand, “In the eight Labour-intensive sectors, Only 1.55 Lakh new jobs were created in 2015. That rose to 2.31 Lakh in 2016. On the other hand, 4.19 Lakhs new jobs in 2013 and 4.21 Lakhs new jobs in 2014 we…

Should I Vote For Modi?

I and many other muslim’s like me are Indian Tax payers. The previous governments have seemed very very slow in utilizing these taxes to develop our nation. Well, if only certain religions would have been uplifted/benefited from government schemes, I would really be agitated. But the facts stands that corruption, vote bank politics and family hierarchy politics has not only stalled the growth of muslims but other citizens of the country as well. Being a middle class muslim I don t think other religious middle class people are any happier than I am.

Modi has great initiatives going on such as Make in India, Digital India, Start up India, Swacch Bharat etc etc. As a muslim will I or the uneducated people in my community be a part of all this or benefit from this?? All I think is YES!! I and many muslims like me are capable of contributing in various sectors of all these initiatives and no one will stop us because Religion is not a criteria in this development agenda. So what is in store…

How Educating Women Helps The Community?

How Educating Women Helps The Community?
There are various factors that produce educating girls important. Nevertheless, the most crucial factor of these all will be betterment of the community. In this post, we are discussing what great one will for the community by firmly taking necessary methods to teach a girl. A lately conducted study has revealed that when the ladies of a family group are educated, the probability of kids falling prey to malnutrition decreases significantly. If mom is educated she’ll know what sort of meals she should offer you to her kid for keeping her or him healthful. If she actually is not really educated more than enough to identify the proper food types on her behalf child, she’ll at least contain the capability of spotting earlier symptoms of malnutrition in her kid and obtain him/her checked by way of a physician. Statistics also claim that areas of the united states with high woman literacy rate have got significantly decrease mortality price of kids a…

PM’s intervention at the BRICS Plenary Session

PM Modi today said that BRICS had developed a robust framework for cooperation and it contributed stability and growth in a world drifting towards uncertainty. He stressed on furthering collaboration in sectors like agriculture, energy, sports, environment, ICT and culture.
PM Modi remarked that India was in a mission mode to eradicate poverty, ensure better healthcare, food security, sanitation, energy and education for all. He added that the women empowerment programmes were productivity multipliers which brought women in the mainstream of nation development.
The Prime Minister urged for an early creation of BRICS rating agency to cater to needs of sovereign and corporate entities of developing countries. “Our Central Banks must further strengthen their capabilities & promote co-operation between the Contingent Reserve Arrangement & the IMF”, he added.
Stressing on vitality of renewable energy, PM Modi said, “Affordable, reliable & sustainable acce…

How do you think this reshuffle will in any way help the BJP in its come back during 2019?

The Finance Ministry is one that needs to be handled with more care. Unlike other portfolios, not all politicians can be trusted to take care of finance. One misstep and the markets will react adversely within hours and the govt. will be in peril. If the FM is gonna change, you need a know actor to replace him. Moreover, we feel that Nirmala Sitaraman would have been more suitable for the Finance portfolio than Defense. Also as a know actor with a good track record in the Commerce ministry, she might have been better suited to it. Finance Minister, Jaitley could have retained defense which he had been managing for sometime now. Coming to whether this reshuffle will help the party win in 2019, well one can only speculate. This move does reassert the position Modi and Shah have in running business. That would help in negotiations come 2019. In addition allies have not gained in this round which make the motive clear. The BJP is in a position to expect a majority of it’s own in 2019. He…

India Is Becoming A Hot Choice Of Asians To Study MBA

India is Becoming a Hot Choice of Asians to Study MBA Indian management schools have enrolled more international students last year as compared to last five years. Indian institutes are becoming more popular among Asian aspirants who want to pursue MBA from universities abroad. Now more Asian students are applying to Indian universities rather than to US or UK. As per recently published 2016 World Geographic Trend Report for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) examinees, India tops the chart again in all Asian countries for GMAT scores. In 2011 its business schools received 17,683 score reports as compared to 11,484 in 2007. MBA aspirants across the globe take GMAT test to get admission in B-School of their choice. The score is accepted by B-Schools in GMAT list to enroll students in their institutes as it is a globally accepted measure to evaluate the knowledge and skills of students. It is simple and one of the best methods to evaluate students. Many Students across the globe …