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Modi To Yogi, Post-Modi Era

TRILOK SINGH : India, Hope so UP CM Yogi Adityanath is under training for PM after 2024. Hope he continues to work for benefit of all Indians in order to Development, Fee Education, Free Health Care, Human Security, infrastructure and make India as a remarkable and digitally advanced Country. However, Road Map for PM Narendra Modi, India and UP CM, Yogi Adityanath will not be very easy but both needs the support of the Masses/Public as well as Mainstream Media. All who wish to become Indian leader has to be endorsed by masses the public/we.
Moreover, The first assumption is that the next BJP PM race will begin only after 2024, Hope so PM Narendra Modi will win 2019. Yes we can say that, 2024 is the key indicator. Should Modi lose, then the succession battle will begin immediately. But even if he wins, the pressure will be huge for PM Narendra Modi/BJP to name a successor, for he will turn 74 (D.O.B, 17 September 1950 age 66), in that term. With the exception of Bihar 2015, Modi has won every major election since then with the biggest prize of UP going into the kitty in a landslide.

Further, In 2024, home minister Rajnath Singh will turn 73, while both finance minister Arun Jaitley and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj will be 72. In fact, most of current leaders will be in their late sixties. BJP has a greater future due to its generation next leaders and also try to search young leader too.. Further, he (Yogi) has already hit the ground running. Eve-teasing is a huge problem in UP and while anti-Romeo squads are being presented as Draconian by the national as well as international media, they will gain great popularity at the ground level.
Trilok Singh, Cenrtal Government says that PM Modi’s Popularity Rating Is 81%. (While In 2013, only 29% people were happy with the way things were going in the country. In 2016, the figure has gone up to 65%). The Prime Minister’s popularity rating, the government said, stands at 81% (till May, 2017). And it increasing day by day.. However, Dr. Ajay Gudhavarthy, (Prof, JNU) argue that, its all about right wing populism Concern and also opposition doesn’t have any alternative agenda to Stop Modi’s Wave.

Importantly, in order to this, BJP has a wonderful prospect to build “Extra Strong Party” and make India as a fastest growing and digitally advanced country. Recently, GST Launched (1 July, 2017), With the slogan of PM Modi “Good and Simple Tax”, It is good, it is simple and it benefits More than 125 crore Indians. Further, Replacing the existing tax system in India with the new GST – One Nation, One Tax and One Market will surely promote the image of India globally. So many Experts are saying that, it will make a Great economic growth to India, this growth benefits will be transmitted from the manufactures to the end users..
Recently, my article which is First published on my own “Education Portal and Journals and Latter published on International Media, really creative in Nature which supports the Indian government efforts (e.g. Towards Cashless Economy and economic Integration) and also through the National Level NGOs and, reccommend the effective suggestions, data to build current exercise more efficient..
See the title of Article and Please Search On or India’s Journals;
  1. GST as an “Economic freedom”, Paradigm shift in indirect taxation in India. July 1, 2017.
  2. India Move Towards Economic Integration, July 1, 2017.
  3. India’s Move Towards Cashless Economy : Modi’s “Masterstroke”, November 14, 2016.

“MODI TO YOGI”, Is Yogi Adityanath next or 2024 PM of India?

In era of Post truth politics, political conditioning and also Crisis of Globalisation and the rise of populism, we may not deny this. Alternative facts and fake news have been commonplace in today’s dynamic Globe/World. The world after disintegration of Soviet bloc and after liberalization of World Markets witnessed the more globalised world that was never seen before. Since it was western idea and a part of capitalist philosophy so western countries advocated for more globalised world..
The consequences of this more globalised world was that the developing economy of world primarily from third world countries like India and got benefitted from this economic liberalization as they got impetus in their trade and investment. Now, The developing countries changed their status to Emerging Markets Economies (EMEs). Some of Authors argue that, its a era of the Crisis of Globalisation and the rise of populism (e.g. Tax Reform Across the world).
But Terrorism and Rise of China and its Expansionist agenda has challenged the Hegemony of USA from Unipolar world to Multipolar world and today China is posing a different development model different from western model. In this highly competitive era, especially after spring revolution, Rise of ISIS and migrant crisis in Europe have compelled the western policy makers to rethink about their design of development.
On this eve of confusion, the Brexit and election of Donal trump in USA reflect the changed scenarios of western world especially about the Liberalism, Equality and Secularism. The Protectionist Measures adopted by developed countries in the different global forum and steady decline of WTO’s principles has presented a gloomy outlook for future.
Rise of Nationalism instead of patriotism advocated by Right wing group has presented a sign of approval of present global order. So we can’t deny the rise of UP CM, Yogi In post-Modi era as it will fill the leadership void in BJP party.. However, Rise of Left Wing are always creats a tention for BJP.

More people in future subscribe to RSS ideology. The RSS adjust the ideology to conform to ideals and spirit of the Indian Constitution. The political wing of RSS extend and infuse, the amended ideogy into the psyche of their party workers and galvanise them till they burst. Adityanathji apply the ideology in Governance in Uttar Pradesh. A distinct pattern of the Governance will emerge in UP.
The newly evolved UP model of Adityanath will be compared with the Modi model at the centre. Both models of Modiji and Adityanath ji will be got vetted in 2019 prior to next Loksabha election. The corporate evaluation agencies will be hired for opinion survey. If the scattered and devastated opposition comes out with the new model after eating the dust, this model will be the third competitor. There will be a fierce electoral flight possibly fourth battle of Panipat.
CM YOGI has got the post mainly because of his aggressive and vibrant hindu firebrand mahanta face which couldnot be befitted within any particular caste. This is done to ensure that he remains a acceptable face within all the castes of the hindus as in hinduism brahmans and Mahants possess the highest respect.
BJP has certainly taken a sort of risk by promoting Yogi to the post as opposition (both media and political parties) will leave no stone unturned to ensure the so called communal face of the Yogi Adityanath should be exposed most citing his past speeches and propaganda but for the Yogi Adityanath it will be a challenge to ensure that he should be accepted by all the communities of the people without making any compromise with his image as doing so will hamper his future ambitions…
Consequently, As i mentioned in the Summary of Article that, Media is currently making out yogi to be a monster and you can be sure that the electorate doesn’t care one bit. Yogi has already becomes quite high profile. With the way it is going, he will end up becoming the most famous leader in india after Modi. Now for the PM it will be too early to make a prediction but if Yogi will be able to serve successfully as the CM for the next five years in UP then his status is certainly going to rise exponentially taking into consideration the magnitude of UP in national level politics. Let us see. 

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