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India Is Becoming A Hot Choice Of Asians To Study MBA

Indian management schools have enrolled more international students last year as compared to last five years. Indian institutes are becoming more popular among Asian aspirants who want to pursue MBA from universities abroad. Now more Asian students are applying to Indian universities rather than to US or UK.
As per recently published 2016 World Geographic Trend Report for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) examinees, India tops the chart again in all Asian countries for GMAT scores. In 2011 its business schools received 17,683 score reports as compared to 11,484 in 2007.
MBA aspirants across the globe take GMAT test to get admission in B-School of their choice. The score is accepted by B-Schools in GMAT list to enroll students in their institutes as it is a globally accepted measure to evaluate the knowledge and skills of students. It is simple and one of the best methods to evaluate students. Many Students across the globe are option for MBA Colleges in India and minaly in New Delhi.
The report revealed that Asian students sent an average of 3.4 GMAT score per exam taken last year, which is noticeably higher than the global average of 2.9. Besides, there were some considerable differences in score-sending habits. For instance, an Indian student sent the highest ­­­­­average number as 4.4, whereas Korean students sent the lowest 2.0 score.
Overall, Asian citizen sent 69% of their scores to management programmes in the US in 2015, whereas 74% students sent GMAT scores to US in 2014.
Other than US, the top 10 study abroad destinations in total received more than 10,000 score reports from Asian citizens included India, UK, Singapore and Canada.
The author of the report said, “Much of this shift is explained by increased interest among regional (Asian) examinees to study in India, the UK and Singapore.”
The report reveals the globalisation of the management education and potential options within Asia and across the globe. If we compare the last year’s figures with 2007 data the number of GMAT scores noticed a remarkable increase of 63%. The best options they are choosing is for Top MBA Colleges in Delhi.

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