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Is Online love, a true love?

Online interactions are good to start talking to someone new, but falling in love is a whole different story. Because Internet and Digital technology have changed not just the path we work but the path or way we love. Falling in and out of love, flirting, cheating, even having sex online have all become part of the modern way of living and loving too. May you know little about these new types of relationship or so called online relationship. How is an online love or affair where the two persons involved may never see or meet each other different from an affair or love in the real world? In this very writing attempt has been made to understand the changing notion of Love and romance. An extraordinary number of people or the youth spend an extraordinary amount of time online connecting with other people. Will online Love change the monogamous climate of romantic relationships?

Moreover, Why do people tell complete strangers their most intimate secrets? What are the rules of engagement? Will online affairs change the monogamous nature of romantic relationships? Above are just some of the questions, Professor Aaron Ben Ze'ev, distinguished writer and academic, addresses in this book, a full-length study of love online. Accessible, shocking, entertaining, enlightening, this book will change the way you look at cyberspace and love forever...  Aaron Ben Ze'ev, A philosopher who is part of  Haifa University in Israel, Ze'ev does not think intimate Internet relationships, and even cyber sex, are all bad. But he does think they could have an impact on the way we conduct offline life and even change our view of infidelity. (Love Online: Emotions on the Internet, by Aaron Ben-Ze'ev).

Ze'ev calls cyberspace a kind of "mentally nude commune," where people often strip off their masks. What nudity leaves undone, imagination finishes. "Imagination, which paints cyberspace in more intense and seductive colors, also helps people satisfy some of their most profound desires." It frees people from the limits imposed by their bodies and their surroundings. Notably, Aziz Ansari actually talked about online relationships/dating apps quite a bit in his new book called ‘Modern Romance’. He also discusses how technology has changed romance… Great read! However, love in India has undergone huge change in the wake of online scenario. Now, You can find love on social media too. i.e., Facebook, whatsapp and such other digitalized online mechanism.

True Love starts after meetup and knowing the person personally but now it starts from Facebook, whatsapp, LinkedIn etc. most of the time people uses mask. The base of love life is based on trust, happiness and compatibility. When I first heard the term digitalization - often also referred to as digital transformation, mistook it for another buzzword for computerization. Yes, I’ve been witnessing digitalization and computerization in all my life style, and I didn’t think it had anything new or interesting to offer me. Even though social networks like FB and Whatsapp, and online interaction are good to start talking to someone new, but falling in love is a whole different story as i already mentioned.

In India Love paradigm differ hugely on account of myriad societal and digital norms. ​Therefore,​ hardly any universal notion for understanding Love and Romance due to digital/changing context that we need to keep in mind while dealing with the concept of Love. More specifically, “Digitalization is the use of modern and digital technologies to change a business model, education standards, and entertainments, provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving towards digital business, opportunities, education etc not digital love.”

Did you Know Love can break the cycle of caste?
Not easily, but the only solution is the inter caste marriages. The only difficulty is that the caste of child is assumed to be caste of father not mother. It is good if some young man come forward to adopt the caste or sub caste of the mother. Love can happen even with the same caste. So love marriages doesn’t mean inter-caste marriage. And sometimes even arrange marriage can end up as inter-caste marriage. So ultimately inter caste marriage can only end the caste system.

As it is very difficult to agree everyone on the single point. Bride and groom parents can be made agree for this but as it comes for the community how to convince them even though there is no need of it as groom and bride love each other this should be sufficient but still there is no perfect answer to this. So, the simple answer is that if you trust your own love one and wanted to be with him/her then you should have dare to face these difficulty but the best part in this is that you will have your lover with you those who take care of you in lifetime..

It is entirely an individual’s perception, to how they look at relationships, love, and the honesty in it. In other words, The so called values, principles and virtues will be known, only when you both actually have to exercise it, in the open world which is called real world without any threats, what I mean to say is If love is genuine, it will rock on endlessly..  I don’t know where will this end. There exists the possibility of finding ones true love or actual love via online methods. However, it can be often times less likely.. Thanks.

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