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How Religious Act Performed by Women in the Sangh Parivar?

The women activist of Sangh Parivar also play a major role in the field of managing power and doing performance by that power and also this power produce the theory of Hindutva in the Nation. Religious practices are the main concern of Sangh Parivar and they play a game of political Act through the religious practices. These political act intervene in the political sphere of the Nation and it shows a relationship between Religious (Prayers) and Power, these religious practices by Indian women is a foundation of Sangh Parivar in the public sphere. 
Note: It has been approved by Sooper Article Editor 'Justin', United State. How Religious Act Performed by Women in The Sangh Parivar? Moreover, The birth of religious militancy the universe and the increasing interference of the religious Act in the Public Sphere. In comparative study the politics of Sangh Parivar or religious rights in the United State reveals that the religious activities as a vehicle for political expression and t…